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Skilled technicians cater to cooling woes with air conditioner servicing, gas refills, chemical washes, and more, to ensure optimum cooling efficiency in combating the humid tropical heat. Sixteen Degrees intends to provide reliable and professional maintenance and repair works for households and offices alike.

General Servicing per session
1 Unit of fan coil - $25
2 Units of fan coil - $35
3 Units of fan coil - $48
4 units of fan coil - $60

ONE YEAR CONTRACT (General Servicing)
3 x time a year $90. 2 unit of fancoil
4 x time a year $120 2 unit of fancoil
3 x time a year $120 3 unit of fan coil
4 x time a year $160 3 unit of fan coil
Do pm us if have 4 fancoil unit or more for pricing .

Chemical Cleaning
Top-Up $40 Per Unit (Up to 18k BTU)
$50 Per Unit (18k BTU and above)
Note: Chemical cleaning is top up on top of General servicing

Chemical Condenser Washing
$60 Per Condenser
Refrigerant Refill (Gas top up)
R22 - $60 Per Condenser
R410A $80 Per Condenser

Chemical Overhaul
1 unit $150
2 unit $280
3 unit $380

Book an appointment with us TODAY !!! (Do take Note that address in CBD there will be additional $10 surcharge)

So what are you waiting for ? HURRY!! SMS/WHATSAPP US AT +6598981649

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